Three Reasons You Should Consider Marriage

Is marriage something you’ve thought about in your current relationship?

In our culture where cohabitation has become commonplace, some couples ask themselves why they should bother to get married, or they tell themselves they don’t need a fancy ceremony and a big party to prove their love.  But marriage is much more than a wedding and there are many benefits of marriage.  Studies have shown that married people live longer, have longer lasting relationships, make more money, and experience greater happiness than cohabitating couples. 

Of course, there is a possibility that some of these advantages can be attributed to other factors, such a shared value system that makes the people who are more likely to marry the same people who, for instance, place a high value on church or family.  So there is no assurance that getting married makes you more successful or healthier.  Yet there are many direct benefits of marriage.

Financial / Legal Benefits

Married people (both men and women) are generally more successful in their careers and tend to earn higher wages.

While that may sound coincidental, there are direct financial benefits of marriage.  Married wage earners can pay lower income tax by filing jointly.  Often spouses can be covered under a family insurance plan, saving money on health insurance.  In many companies, workers may be entitled to “family leave time” to care for an ill spouse, or bereavement leave for the loss of the family member of a spouse.  The same paid leave benefits may not be available for unmarried partners.

Social security, retirement accounts and estate laws allow provisions for a surviving spouse to receive benefits when one spouse dies.  (Additionally, joint income tax filers can contribute to a spouse’s IRA, to build retirement accounts.)  Other legal benefits include “next of kin” status for medical decisions and hospital visits, the ability to sue for wrongful death, and spousal privilege that may exempt one spouse to from being compelled to testify against the other.  Some of these benefits are, of course, things one hopes would never come into play, but nevertheless, the protections are there.

Emotional Benefits

Marriage is a deeper level of commitment than living together.  As a result, partners feel more secure in a marital relationship than in a cohabitational relationship (and with good reason, because marriages statistically are much more likely to last than other relationships).  Children also feel more secure in a family structure with married parents and thrive more in all areas.  Knowing that they have someone who is there to share their whole life makes married people more emotionally stable, better able to handle the inevitable ups and downs of life and less likely to suffer from depression.  Having someone to help with life’s struggles, listen when things are rough, celebrate successes, enjoy recreation, and just relax with on the couch knowing that same someone is there for the long haul just makes one happier.  Numerous studies have also indicated that married people experience greater emotional and physical intimacy.

Spiritual Benefits

Finally, and most importantly, there are spiritual benefits of marriage.  For Christians, there is a compelling desire to know God more deeply and to live within His plan for our lives.   Marriage is part of God’s plan for the family.  In Genesis chapter 2, God created woman and brought her to man because it was “not good for the man to be alone”.   Genesis 2:24 states “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife.”

In the New Testament God uses the image of marriage as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and the church, a beautiful picture of sacrificial love and submission.  God ordained marriage.  Honoring marriage therefore honors God.  God’s plan for families and for intimacy between a man and a woman is within marriage.  When we who are believers, who have accepted God’s call on our lives and submitted to Him, conduct our lives within the parameters of His plan we grow in spiritual intimacy with Him.

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