How much does an abortion cost?

In a critical decision such as abortion, other costs should also be considered. Every person is different and every life situation is different, but studies across the United States show that an abortion decision will not just cost money, it has a definite price to pay emotionally, in relationships, and physically.

What is the Financial Cost?

The financial costs of an abortion for those without insurance range from $350-$2000, according to the The cost varies based on the gestational age of the fetus, other health and risk factors and your location in the US.

  • For patients not covered by insurance, a surgical abortion in a doctor’s office or a medical abortion at 10 weeks typically costs about $320 to $500. At 16 weeks, a surgical abortion costs about $500 to $700. At 20 weeks or later, a surgical abortion costs about $1,000 to $2,000 or more.
  • Most abortions — 88 percent — are obtained by week 13; however, sometimes a health risk faced by the woman or other reasons cause women to seek later abortions, according to the National Abortion Federation[1] . An abortion usually is considered late-term at 20 weeks, and it is much more difficult to find providers for second-trimester abortions.
  • Cost examples include: the Aalto Women’s Center[2] in Houston, Texas, which charges $320 up to 11 weeks, up to $595 at their maximum of 15 weeks; and Choice Medical Group[3] in San Francisco, Calif., which charges $450 to $600 up to 12 weeks, $1,000 at 15 to 16 weeks and $2,000 at 20 to 24 weeks.

What are the emotional costs come with having an abortion?

According to, studies show that a survey of 260 women who, on average, had their first abortion 10.6 years prior to being surveyed. These women were volunteers who either were seeking post-abortion counseling, had participated in post-abortion counseling in the past, or had a history of prior abortion and were seeking help at a crisis pregnancy center to carry a subsequent pregnancy to term.




In a separate study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in 2010, researchers examined a nationally representative sample of more than 3,000 women in the United States, found that women who underwent an abortion had a 98 percent increased risk for any mental health disorders compared to women who did not have an abortion.

  • 59 percent increased risk for suicidal thoughts
  • 61 percent increased risk for mood disorders
  • 61 percent increased risk for social anxiety disorders
  • 261 percent increased risk for alcohol abuse
  • 280 percent increased risk for any substance use disorder

How do I figure out what choice is best for me?

In determining the cost of an abortion, each person involved needs to consider not just the financial cost, but every area of their life in which a price will be paid. Abortion is a forever decision, it cannot be undone once completed.

What are my options?

There are other options besides abortion. Parenting, Private or Public Adoption, or Safely Surrender (Safe Haven) are all options before you. We encourage you to consider all your options. If you would like to discuss your options, please call us at 661-326-1907 for a FREE pregnancy test and consultation with one of our advocates and registered nurses.

All our services are FREE and confidential.

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