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 Joint pain can be unbearable, and for a pregnant woman, it’s just another discomfort that might seem impossible to get rid of. However, there are many doctors that say otherwise. We put together 5 recommendations from different doctors and specialists that could help you during your pregnancy. Especially as you get closer to giving birth, these tips can help reduce stress, unwanted pain and discomfort, and give you a better pregnancy experience. So let’s get started!

1. Correct your posture.

One of the simplest, cost-free ways to treat your joint pain is by correcting your posture. By doing so you can significantly reduce joint strain because the area around your joints (such as knees and shoulders) will have the flexibility and strength it needs.

2. Support your abdomen with a belly band.

Belly bands support your lower back and stomach, especially in the second and third trimester as your belly begins to expand and you might still be very active around the house, or choosing to exercise. A belly band is helpful for ensuring correct posture. Your body will naturally adjust its posture when you wear the belly band. According to Healthline Parenthood, “Belly bands help distribute the weight of the baby across the back and abdomen, which may help relieve the pressure on the round ligaments and reduce pain.”

3. Exercise

If you haven’t been exercising during your pregnancy you can start now with prenatal yoga or prenatal Pilates. Swimming can also help relieve joint pain. 

4. Sleep with a pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillows help because it relieves pressure on your knees, as well as other areas like back and hips. How great is that? Find the ideal pregnancy pillow here.

Can’t sleep? Find help and resources here.

5. Apply heat to the area that hurts.

Use a hot water bottle, microwave a heat pack or use a heat pad on the lowest setting under 20 minutes. This can be helpful for the back and joints but avoid the abdomen, and of course if you have doubts or concerns contact your doctor. Get more information about heating pads here.

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