Have you had a miscarriage?

Pregnancy loss is never easy. If you’ve had a miscarriage, we want to help you.

Grieving is an important part of healing, and we understand that it may endure for a time. The pain of losing a child never truly leaves, but we’ll share with you some helpful tips from those that have suffered a miscarriage and moved on from the current feelings you might be facing today.

One of the most effective ways to help you after having a miscarriage is by telling your story. Your story is unique from the other women that have suffered the loss of her baby, because it happened to you. Nevertheless, there are positive outcomes that all women with a miscarriage can benefit from, and it starts with telling their story.

  1. Telling your story is an outlet for connecting with others.
  2. Telling your story is one form of honoring the baby you lost.
  3. Telling your story can encourage you to understand better what you’ve experienced.

You may be dealing with a variety of emotions, or none at all, but is important that you acknowledge what happened so that you can begin or continue grieving your loss in a healthy way.

Ask yourself these questions:

It is important to understand how you feel. It will be painful and perhaps you will need time to say or write out all your thoughts, but don’t give up. Here are helpful questions to get you started on sharing your story.

  • Who did you tell and what was their reaction?
  • When did you begin to suspect that you were miscarrying?
  • How were you feeling when you first found out you had a miscarriage?
  • What happened at the doctor’s office and who accompanied you?
  • Did doctors or staff offer you information and referrals to get support?
  • What happened right after the miscarriage?
  • Did you talk to anyone about it?
  • What happened in the days, months or years that followed?
  • How has this miscarriage impacted your life?

Find support and ask for their help

Not everyone will know what to say. Others might be hurt when they find out that you decided to not disclose the information to them sooner. Others will want to offer words of advice and encouragement, which might not always be as comforting as they would like it to be.

Talk to someone that will listen and be honest. Ask yourself, have they experienced a miscarriage themselves and still struggle with that? Will they respect your confidentiality?

Lastly, create a list of people that you believe will help you. Then, challenge yourself to call one of them today. Ask them to support you by listening to your story. Tell them you would like for them to call you to see how you’re doing. Ask them to assist you in finding support programs and groups. They might know someone and will be willing to invest time into helping you, even when you don’t feel like you are able to look for it yourself.

For more helpful resources and tips, visit Miscarriagehurts.com. You can also share your story of your own miscarriage and read those of others. When you feel ready you can post it to the page and remain anonymous. Remember, this can help you and many others that read your story.

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center offers help and guidance to women that have had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Call (661)326-1907 to get help. Click here to find out how we can help.

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