Think you know all the body changes that will occur when you become pregnant? There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of these changes, as well as the cons, but we’re going to explain why they happen and how to make the best of each situation-no matter what the change.

Changes in Your Breasts

You’ll soon begin to notice a change in size and sensitivity. The changes are a lot more obvious than some of the other symptoms, but the change in your breast size merits some thought. Why are my breasts larger? Yes, they are preparing for the first day you meet baby-to breast feed but what has happened or is currently happening is the number of milk glands is increasing. Then in the second trimester the veins on your breasts will become darker due to the increase of blood supplying your growth. At the end of your first trimester your body will begin producing a fluid called colostrum, which will be used to feed your baby until the milk comes.


Constipation and Hemorrhoids

50% of pregnant women will have some issues with constipation. Your hormones are changing in so many ways and this results in a slowing down of your digestive tract being able to move food out of the body. To avoid hemorrhoids, which constipation causes, make sure to stay hydrated with water, but also try some high-fiber foods and juices. Exercise often and stretch to keep your body’s blood flow circulating and in optimal condition.

Urinating More Often

Going on a road trip? You’re going to need to stay hydrated, but it’d be a great idea to communicate with the driver that you might have to make a few more pit stops than usual. In case they ask why you’re using the restroom so often you can let them know confidently that it is because as your uterus grows each day, more pressure grows on the bladder next to your baby’s home. But not to worry-if your days of traveling are closer to the second trimester then you might notice you’re not frequenting the restroom as much because your uterus is lifting which means there will be less pressure on the bladder. Yet, discomfort and frequent urination will recur in the end of your pregnancy because baby will drop into the pelvis once again leading to pressure on your bladder. If you begin leaking during your pregnancy when coughing or sneezing, you’re not alone. One solution is using a maternity pad.

For more information about the ways your body will change during the three trimesters of pregnancy, visit us at 1801 18th St or call for an appointment.

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