So you’ve been experiencing some mood swings.

If you’re having some mood swings, welcome to the club-it’s completely normal, and especially occurs during the first trimester when the HCG hormone flares up, and later again in the last weeks of pregnancy.  At this time, your hormones like estrogen and progesterone can cause you to feel a difference in mood. However, other reasons for your emotions might be due to stress, fatigue, and changes in your metabolism. 

Can I overcome my mood swings?

While there’s no holistic answer for getting rid of mood swings, there are several helpful remedies to alleviate the emotional roller coaster you might be familiarizing yourself with.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is important for you and your baby. While lifting heavy objects and doing extreme cardio is not recommended, you might try walking, stretching or swimming to help you excrete dispose of some physical and emotional stress.
  2. Rest: If you have children already, you know how exhausting a newborn can be. While you might want to be completely prepared by cleaning and purchase everything right away for your baby, your health is much more important than a perfectly clean and prepped house. Your baby, and the rest of your family, needs you to be your best you-and rest will help make that happen! Take naps, go to bed earlier, and sleep in if you need to- you’re going to need all the rest you can get! Your body is going through so many changes and you will feel more tired than before, so take advantage of any free time you have to take a nap and take breaks.
  3. Eat healthy:  Finding healthy foods to eat will help keep your body strong and ready for some of the challenges of pregnancy. Eating healthy will help you prevent excess weight gain and make you feel more energy than if you ate only the foods you craved (cravings like ice cream and cake might not be as healthy as you think!) While avoiding spicy foods, caffeine, foods with raw egg, and fish, there are some important foods you should embrace! According to Parenthood, foods like sweet potatoes, legumes, salmon, cooked eggs, broccoli are all healthy and helpful food choices during your pregnancy. Healthy mommy means healthy baby! Read more here.
  4. Communicate your concerns: Have you talked to your partner about your emotions? A pregnancy is just the first part of your journey as a mother. Having fears and concerns is valid, but talking it through with someone that will listen, care, and help you is advantageous. If you and your partner have a good relationship, talk to him about supporting you in different ways. Ask him to pick up some extra chores, give you a massage, attend pregnancy classes and doctor’s appointments with you. If he’s doing that already, perhaps try talking to him about your fears. Never feel that you are all alone in your pregnancy.
  5. Talk to a friend: Being pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from seeing your friends. Send them a text or call them. Ask if them if they’d like to go for a walk, watch a movie, or help you prepare your home for the baby. Socialize when you can and enjoy the moments of pregnancy!

Should I be concerned about my mood swings?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, if your mood swings remain intense and persistent after more than 2 weeks, you should talk to your health care provider about seeing a counselor who will help you understand if what at first might have felt like mood swings is actually depression.

If you are just feeling episodes of different emotions, whether positive or negative, try using the methods we listed above. Many mothers experience exactly what you have and they’ve come out of it healthy, strong, and with a healthy baby as well. Don’t neglect your mental, emotional, or physical health because of these mood swings. Enjoy your pregnancy! Before you know it, you’ll have a newborn baby in your arms-and you’ll be dealing with a different set of emotions!

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