A first trimester ultrasound provides valuable information about your pregnancy that lab work and physical exams cannot provide.

  1. An ultrasound can confirm an intrauterine pregnancy. This means that a pregnant woman will know if the developing fetus is within the uterus or outside the uterus. A pregnancy outside the uterus is called an ectopic pregnancy. If gone diagnosed, the pregnancy can rupture in the woman’s Fallopian tubes and is life-threatening. Pregnancy tests cannot determine if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

2. An ultrasound can determine whether or not your pregnancy is viable. It can determine if the fetus’s heart is beating and that its rate is normal. This is especially valuable information if the patient is experiencing vaginal bleeding or cramping, or has a history of miscarriage with past pregnancies. This is also important for a woman who is considering abortion. If there is no heart beat or the pregnancy is not in the right location, the woman will be spared having to face that very tough decision of abortion.

  1. An ultrasound can determine the age of the baby. Oftentimes, the pregnant woman will discover she is not as far along in the pregnancy as she thought. Or, if her periods are irregular, her gestation may be unknown. With an ultrasound, however, she can find out how far along she really is. This is important information for any doctor that will be providing her medical care.


The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center offers free ultrasounds in the first trimester for women. Call today to see if you qualify. If you reside in Kern County but do not have access to transportation, call to find out the times and dates of our mobile unit that also provides pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

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