New. New shoes are great, new ideas are exciting. However, a new path in live can seem overwhelming. Especially of the “new” was not what you expected or planned for. So does that mean “new” is bad?

When you are faced with starting something new, we often want all the information we can get to be prepared. We receive a users manual with a new car, so that we can figure out where to turn on the lights or how to use the radio. Every piece of electronic equipment I have ever purchased has some kind of manual to instruct me on how to plug it in and get it started. I happen to be one of those people who actually do read the instruction manual. I want to know how to make things work properly. However, life changes do not always come with an “instruction manual” in advance of the change. We just get the new change.

Now we have to decide how to react to the “new”. Do you panic? Do you call a friend? Do you take some time to learn, ask questions, process the “something new” in your life? I hope that you do. That is what we do at the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. We don’t panic, we listen. We are not shocked, we understand. We don’t judge, because we are all just like you. We have all had to start something new, take a quick detour in life, make a life change. It can be an incredible path, that “something new” boulevard. It may not be the path you intended, but it is the path you are traveling now and we can help you arrive at your intended destination.

So take a moment, embrace the “something new” and learn all your options. This “something new” could be the most defining moment of you life. It could change the course of your story and maybe, the story of us all.

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