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Football season is starting, baseball is winding down and basketball seems to run forever! In every sport, a champion seems to rise to the top. He or she often has a compelling story of overcoming adversity or pushing through pain to excel in their sport. We are inspired by these champions. The sport leagues and ESPN love the champions because they are money makers for the sports industry.

There are other champions as well. In the Bible, David was a champion against Goliath. He was critical of his brothers for their unwillingness to step up to the giant who daily ridiculed the God of Israel. David later choose “Mighty Men”, each champions in their own right, to become leaders in his army. The prophets were champions of God, preaching against the evil times and kings who “did evil in the sight of God”.

Today, the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center needs champions as well. Yesterday in our morning prayer time, I asked our staff and volunteers to pray for a “champion for the BPC in every church”. One person who would remember our ministry in prayer, in giving and in visibility at their church. That one person who would remind their pastor to speak out regarding the Sanctity of Life, that would encourage their congregation for pray for the women of our community facing unplanned pregnancies, who would vote for pro-life issues, and include us in their missions focus, their women’s ministry, men’s ministry or youth outreaches. Following that time of prayer, I had the incredible privilege to meet with Robin Robinson of Canyon Hills Assembly of God. We began with typical introductions and sharing basic information at the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. Then, Robin leaned over and asked me “Erin, how I can be a champion for you?” She had no idea we prayed for those very words that morning! God is so amazing to hear our every prayer!

Isaiah 19:19-20 “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord near its border. It will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them.” The Lord God keeps his promises-He has sent a Savior and a Champion, Jesus Christ the Lord. Jesus then calls us to follow Him, to become like Him. Become a Champion. Would you be willing to be a champion in your church for us? If so, please contact me personally and lets talk about how God can use us both to protect the children not yet born.

When it comes to your relationship with your partner, how confidently can you say that it is the kind of relationship you want? Is it healthy? Healthy relationships start with your everyday decisions. Can someone you love tell you to do something you don't feel right about? 

If you and your partner are considering sex or have already had sex but you are hesitant to continue, you're not alone. There are many women that wonder about their future, especially when a woman finds out she's pregnant. All women should know that they have the ability to make decisions that will benefit themselves and their partner. When you think about how your decisions define you, your partner, and your future, visualize a yard stick. Think of putting a yard stick on the tips of your fingers.


If you try to balance a yardstick on the tip of your fingers while looking at the bottom of the yardstick, the yardstick will fall fairly quickly, but if you look at the top of the yardstick you can balance it because as you're looking at the top of the yardstick, you can make tiny little adjustments with the hand down below to keep it from falling. These adjustments keep the measuring stick upright.  

The girl who looks at the bottom of the yardstick makes a choice based on what feels good right now. She's not looking at what's going to happen in her future. She's focused on what feels good, not how her choice will affect her future.

A woman Thinks About Her Future

When a woman makes a life choice, she looks at what represents the top of the yard stick; and it represents her looking at her future. So she keeps in mind the following:

 "Do I want to go to school, do I want to finish high school, do I want to go to college, do I want a certain career?"

 She keeps that goal in mind when she's making her life choices. It's not just about, "will it feel good?" She recognizes as she works at her life goals, "If I get pregnant that's going to change my ability to go to school, that's going to change my ability to have the career im looking forward to. It's going to change what happens to my parents." She makes a different choice because she's thinking about her future.

A woman thinks about the future of her partner and others

A woman doesn't just think about her future. A woman looks at the future of other people as well. So it's her future she looks at. She looks at her partner's future. If they have sex and she gets pregnant, is that going to change his future? What are his goals? How will having a child affect his life?  

A woman thinks about her future, her boyfriends' future. She thinks about her potential baby. It's going to affect the baby more than anyone else. Is the baby going to be aborted? is the baby going to be adopted? is the baby going to live with a single mom? Who is that baby going to live with? grandparents? 

It's not just going to be the teenage girl, it's going to be her parents or his parents. That will change her future. It changes the community. If there's people having sex out of marriage, then they are more likely to need help. It means the whole community is helping them and its affecting the whole community as well.

 A woman makes daily adjustments 

Ask yourself, what is tempting to you? Is it too tempting for you to go to your house with your boyfriend? It's like you have a piece of cake in front of you and you're on a diet. It's got fluffy frosting and it's sitting under a glass dome, and it's your favorite cake. How are you going to do sitting right next to that cake? You're not going to do very well. At least put it out of sight.

Choose where you go with your partner. Choose to go to places where there's not absolute privacy. If you go to his house and his parents aren't home... what are you going to do? It's too easy, it's too tempting. Avoid tempting places. don't go over to his house when no one's there. It keeps you accountable. It keeps you out of the thoughts. If you're alone in his bedroom and the door is shut, what are you thinking about? And if you're not thinking about it, he's thinking about it. Don't do it. That's up there with saying, I'm going to go over to her house and do homework. You just make a pact with each other that that is not something you can do. 

 A Woman Waits 

 A woman looks at how to wait. She looks at her temptations and she gives it a true evaluation. She doesn't play games with herself. She knows what her weaknesses are. You take the options away and it protects you so you're not fighting yourself all the time. We do a lot of fighting when we don't have to. We just need to make little choices down here (lower part of the measuring stick) that prevent big choices that have to be made. It takes the options away.  

 Do not overthink it. Take away the temptations. You're old enough to know what your weakness is. As a woman, you recognize what your weaknesses are and you can compensate by taking those choices (that you're more likely to succumb to doing) out of the picture completely. 

 A woman says to herself, i really like him, he's a cool guy but I'm afraid that if I go on that weekend trip, I'll just be too tempted, and I know myself and i don't want to hurt my future. I don't want to damage his goals. I know he has goals, so I want to respect that. I don't want to put our futures at risk. So a high schooler would say, I'm not going to go to a party where there's drinking and drugs because i've had friends that have been raped there. I don't want that temptation in my life. because I have other things to focus on right now.

 Ladies, the "next step" cannot include something that will harm your future or that of your partner's. If he says he loves you but he wants you to take all the risks, realize this: that's not love. A real man, not a boy, will honor your requests and respect your values.  

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