Football season is starting, baseball is winding down and basketball seems to run forever! In every sport, a champion seems to rise to the top. He or she often has a compelling story of overcoming adversity or pushing through pain to excel in their sport. We are inspired by these champions. The sport leagues and ESPN love the champions because they are money makers for the sports industry.

There are other champions as well. In the Bible, David was a champion against Goliath. He was critical of his brothers for their unwillingness to step up to the giant who daily ridiculed the God of Israel. David later choose “Mighty Men”, each champions in their own right, to become leaders in his army. The prophets were champions of God, preaching against the evil times and kings who “did evil in the sight of God”.

Today, the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center needs champions as well. Yesterday in our morning prayer time, I asked our staff and volunteers to pray for a “champion for the BPC in every church”. One person who would remember our ministry in prayer, in giving and in visibility at their church. That one person who would remind their pastor to speak out regarding the Sanctity of Life, that would encourage their congregation for pray for the women of our community facing unplanned pregnancies, who would vote for pro-life issues, and include us in their missions focus, their women’s ministry, men’s ministry or youth outreaches. Following that time of prayer, I had the incredible privilege to meet with Robin Robinson of Canyon Hills Assembly of God. We began with typical introductions and sharing basic information at the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center. Then, Robin leaned over and asked me “Erin, how I can be a champion for you?” She had no idea we prayed for those very words that morning! God is so amazing to hear our every prayer!

Isaiah 19:19-20 “In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord near its border. It will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them.” The Lord God keeps his promises-He has sent a Savior and a Champion, Jesus Christ the Lord. Jesus then calls us to follow Him, to become like Him. Become a Champion. Would you be willing to be a champion in your church for us? If so, please contact me personally and lets talk about how God can use us both to protect the children not yet born.

Are you in your first trimester of pregnancy? Listen to this quote: “You don’t become a mother when you deliver; you are a mother right now.” 

How does this make you feel? In this blog we will cover briefly what you’ll learn when you come to your first Earn While You Learn class-that NOW is the time to start preparing for your baby. It’s not when you’re on your way to the emergency room because you’re having contractions, when the doctor hands you your newborn baby, or when you carry baby inside his or her new home. It starts now.

 Motherhood, and fatherhood begins today. So what steps are you making to prepare yourself for a healthy baby?

 Your body is changing slowly, but by the time you find out you are pregnant (around 4 weeks) your baby has already developed all his internal organs, and his DNA and gender is already determined, though the gender won’t be visible in an ultrasound until the second trimester.

 What is a “trimester” anyways?

Pregnancy is made of three trimesters, each with a span of approximately 13 weeks. Your pregnancy spans to around 40 weeks. This means you have nearly 9 months to prepare for baby’s new home, because let’s be honest- his first home is in your stomach!

 One of the most common symptoms in pregnancy besides morning sickness is tiredness. If you find yourself more fatigued at work, home, or just doing nothing- don’t worry! This is normal. You want to make sure you’re staying hydrated, resting, sleeping, and eating healthy to avoid one other pregnancy symptom-headaches.

 There are plenty of questions that parenting classes can answer but so many questions that are best answered by a medical professional. Our workbooks come from licensed and experienced nurses, doctors, and doulas but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see your OBGYN for concerns about your pregnancy.

 For example, if you begin experiencing severe cramps which include vaginal bleeding you should call your medical provider right away. Also, if you’re unable to keep liquids down, you’re losing weight, you feel faint, or have been vomiting blood call your doctor.

 As you continue to process what this new pregnancy means for you, your future, and your loved ones, take some time to ask yourself these questions. You might even consider beginning a journal for your pregnancy to help you during those times of stress, anxiety, or joy and excitement.

Ask Yourself:

  1.  How do I feel about this pregnancy?
  2. Do I feel ready? If not, what is one way I can prepare myself for the new baby? (HINT: Sign up for our EWYL classes!)
  3. Who in my life can I talk to about my feelings or who can help me when I’m feeling too tired to do things on my own?

After you’ve answered these questions, think about who in your life you can talk to about your pregnancy. We have client advocates for both moms and dads that are happy to listen to your concerns. We also have licensed nurses that are able to answer some of your questions about getting an ultrasound. Call us for questions or send us a message.



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